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Our Story

Studio “From The Sky” was founded in january 2013by cinematographer Asatuurs Keim who’s experience extends back to 2000 when he shot his first film.

He began to travel across Europe working on TV & Film productions. Studio From The Sky was the natural next step for Asatuurs, creating a home for the family of amazing artists he had met along the way.

Who We Are

We are a leading edge production company based in the creative bohemian city of Brighton

We specialise in passionate personal projects and large scale productions with a focus on high quality story telling and visual style.

We pride ourselves on the handcrafted care we give to projects, working closely with our clients to ensure that their story is told.

How We Work

“From The Sky” creatives are professionally trained, delivering work to a high quality industry standard.

We use the latest pioneering film equipment such as RED digital cinema camera’s, as well as treasuring our knowledge of traditional formats such the SUPER16 ARRI SR3.

Studio “From The Sky” is a proud sponsor and supporter of: